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Menabò (not specified)

October ‘07

Iinternational architecture competition

*honourable mention
client: POLI.DESIGN Milano, Benettongroup
program: 500sqm brand retail

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Concept for a brand store.
1. changeability - “What goes out of fashion passes into everyday life. What disappears from everyday life is revived in fashion.” (R. Koolhaas)
2. customize - “I, myself, mine”
3. experimentation - “cut and pull, draw and sew, ask or suggest”
4. events - “taking part of singular phenomena, you’re an exception”
5. hedonism - “stimulus and games of change or interchange” (M.Gausa)
6. hybridisation - “paella strategy”
7. incubator - “organisation of flexible nature with adapitve features to external influences”
8. installations - “wait for something you don’t expect”
9. lab - “ping-pong strategy”
10. urban milieu - “place of friction/fiction”
11. seasonableness - “inner season, changeable weather”
12. sharing - “caos like a potentially profitable state”