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A scale to the sky (Bologna, Italy)

January ‘11
International Competition “eVolo. 2011 Skyscraper Competition”
client: eVolo magazine
program: housing

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"Bologna was named "Silva Turrita" in the late Middle age. In a rapresentation of the city in the XII sec. Bologna was a little Manhattan.

Nowadays just few towers still exist.

The project investigates the Middle age tower-house typlogy in relation with the sprawl extension of the town.

Small proportion towers, working on the matrix of existing spaces, increase the potential and quality of life on the ground, experimenting a new model of urban relationships at 30 m of altitude. Housing towers are interbred with medieval existing fabric, trying to investigate new ways to live downtown, in order to create a supply crossing social groups and stimulating the complexity of the polis.

A tower housing is made by stacked, overlapped rooms. A room is seen as  the space of proximity, of everyday life, the right proportion to introduce a dynamic and adaptive vertical community. The plot is reduced to the minimum size, the location traces out the existing fabric. The fabric of the consolidated city is a well recognized model.

We must invent new types of settlements on mutable, urbanized lands, on areas recyclable into new functions in the medium or long term. It is a rediscovery of the “next-door fund”, considered under a new point of view, spaces of possibilities."


Bologna historical towers:

1. “Agresti” tower, XII sec., 20m 2. “Lapi” tower, XII sec., 18m 3. “Catalani” tower-house, XIII sec., 16m 4. “Galluzzi” tower, XIII sec., 30m 5. “Carrari” tower, XIII sec., 22m 6. “Toschi” tower, XII-XIII sec., 26m 7. “Alberici” tower, XII sec., 27m 8. “Oseletti” tower, XII sec., 31m 9. “Garisenda” tower, XII sec., 48m 10. “Asinelli” tower, XII sec., 97m 11. “Uguzzoni” tower, XII-XIII sec., 32m 12. “Guidozagni” tower-house, ... sec., 22m 13. “Prendiparte” tower, XII sec., 59m 14. “Azzoguidi” tower, XII sec., 55m 15. “S. Pietro” tower, XII sec., 70m 16. “Conoscenti” tower-house, XIII sec., 21m