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Architecture & Fotomuzeum (Budapest, Hungary)

May 2014
International Competition “Liget Budapest”

client: Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and Varosliget Zrt.
program: museum

GFA: 7,320m2 + 7,960m2

budget: /

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Following the horizontal programmatic divisions of Entrance lobby and Event Hall and Retails, Museum Learning, Exhibition Galleries and Offices, the massing is largely divided into top volume and bottom volume with a gap where Museum Learning is located. The retail massing at ground echoes the will for a strong programmatic promenade along Dózsa György, offering a continuous streetscape experience. As in section also in plan the program is carefully distributed in order to enhances correspondences and similarity and at each level of the two buildings, creating a variety of different spaces in dialogue to each other. At the Ground Floor the flows coming from 2 sides, from Hero’s Square on N-W and Museum of Ethnography on S-E, are accompanied along the retails facades on the Promenade side, along Dózsa György út to mix together in 1956 Memorial Square. At the Gap Level the Museum Learning indoor spaces and terraces are visually highly linked. At the Top Level having access from the Exhibition Galleries, two roof terraces at +20m are facing, offering a great view over 1956 Memorial Square and on Varosliget.