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The wood in the middle (Fermo, Italy)

October ‘11
Idea Competition “Attiva/ Azioni”

*3rd Prize
client: Provincia di Fermo
program: Research

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““Fermo. The original relationship between the city and the surrondings has been lost. Nowadays the building industry is eroding the countryside and the traditional layering “Historical Centre - Countryside - Linear City - Sea” is disappearing or its boundaries are more and more blurred. We should preserve the Coutryside, the inbetween band (band between the old town and the coastal town ), as a weak territory.
The landscape that surrounds the historic city is a territory threatened by the advance of the buildings construction. It is still possible intensify the presence of nature, woodland and countryside, so as to emphasize the edges of the top conurbation and the coast one. We are not only conserving the environment not yet urbanized, but we are underlining the beauty and potential of the city. The wood in the middle will give a physical mass to the inbetween band. Designing better the boundary City/Countryside we would be able also to have n000,000 trees more. In a well defined Historical Centre we could identificate and reactivate the disused areas pointing up the beauty and potential of the city.
In the city of Fermo we recognised latent critical-potential spots as 1. Piazza Dante Alighieri, 2. Scalette dei Ferrovieri, via Enzo Ficcadenti 3. Teatro Romano,Via Teatro Antico 4. Piazzale del Girfalco 5. Casina delle Rose, Piazzale del Girfalco 6. Piazzetta 7. ... 8. ... 9. ...and many more
Interconnecting New & Old and designing punctually we could discover new public lands within the historic city landscape. The peaks of the settlements tower again above the surroundings. The wood as the sea.
The city have for years pushed outside the walls the potential actors of the “urbs” (schools, shops, offices, ..). Through a new “pop” urbanity we want to redefine the dynamics, image and significance of the historic city. Fermo is the crucial focus of the surronding territory.
Old places, new uses, unexpected users.”