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Children's pavilion (Milan, Italy)

January 2014
International Competition “Padiglione Infanzia”

client: Milan Municipality
program: Kindergarten

GFA: 500m2

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The project takes place into a heterogeneous district, in a lot surrounded by buildings varying in size and function in a space shaded by the architecture surrounding it. The children's pavilion turns inward with a fence that encloses it on all 4 sides, opening only towards the side of the park. Inside a weave of walls draw a garden made of secret rooms. The ambiguity between interior and exterior is revealed only in proximity of the glass façade, that encloses the covered area of the plot. The required program and planning constraints determine the volumes of the building while the character is the result of its specificity. In this protected area, introverted and horizontal, the building occupies the ground playing with the outer space. For each space required by the program there is an “alter ego” outside, accessible and visible. The building and its outdoor spaces are configured as a place to explore, safely closed but completely livable on the inside. A place to stimulate new relationships between spaces and activities.