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Rome search for habitat (Rome, Italy)

June ‘10
International Architecture Competition “Rome City Vision”
client: City Vision Magazine
program: housing

team: homu with Nicole Passarella

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“2 hypotheses to restore areas of the city lacking in terms of performance and use, opportunities to restore these buildings in the metabolism of the city, in order to adapt the rules to rethink their sustainability.


Concave > Urban context
The fabric of the consolidated city is a well established model. We should think about interventions that, working on the matrix of existing spaces, may improve the quality of life.
1. Compact urban block with central system of courts divided according to private areas’ limits.
2. Creation of whole central court eliminating the private boundaries.
3. Permeable and traversable system of courts visible from the sidewalks.

Convex > Periphery
The development of the town, as result of a fast growth without an accurate urban plan, created a constellation of individual lements. The convex space is understood as expanding space that wants to generate an urban relationship between these individualities.
1. The lot is fragmented into private areas belonging to each palazzina without any relationship and quality.
2. Private boundaries disappear. The units are connected in an a-hierarchic and public space.
3. System of open and public spaces different each others for characteristics and morphology.”