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Potato, radish, salad, mustard, onion

September ‘08
International Online Competition “Everyville”

*honourable mention

client: Venice Biennale, Telecom Group
program: research on the contemporary city

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"Contemporary city is an evolving idea.Buildings last,functions change.It’s time to encourage and induce reappropriation processes of disused spaces, of transformation of inadequate ones,of colonization for that still whole.Surplus of functions and inefficient spaces have created a dissonance in city’s rhythm, incongruity between time and spaces.To reintroduce the equilibrium city must invent an estate of versatile tools-spaces that let the network society empower its relationship with the city and generate sense of community.Everyville is the real site of transformation.It’s architecture is pervious, evolutionary and corresponding to the society that generates and feeds it.The “potato.radish.salad.mustard.onion.” strategy aims to heal the discrepancy between architecture and contest, it’s a metronome for a disoriented city.Introducing crop rotation’s method marked by gears we want to suggest to the buzz of human energy a way to approach and take possession of urban space. The method interprets intrinsic characteristic of space of being at short maturity,if it doesn’t reinvent itself,and proposes a natural cyclicity in management processes of sites.The operation transfers existing fabric,expressed characteristic that evidences spaces of opportunity.Instruments of a coagulant strategy:areas,under fallow,preparation or exploitation,ruled by a cyclic rotation that underlines reversibility and perviousness,gears that oils the transformation,relates and advertises subsystems.Buzz,private enterprise’s flow canalized by gears,first works in space of proximity,later extends its action to realize an intervention more digestible by the city.Vectorial masterplan is led by urban tactics of reappropriation through which subsystems of areas and gears are able to express their different nature,relate and compete each other.Positive effects:urban biodiversity,nomad architecture,catalyst processes weak and widespread, accelerations and reversions in the development."