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Marine research centre in Bali, Indonesia

*3rd prize

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location: Kuta beach Bali, Indonesia

year: 2010
status: Competition 2010 Bali

client: Arquitectum
program: Research center, offices, laboratories

GFA: 1,600 m2

budget: n/a

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni





The project takes as a reference the ruins of Pollio Felice’s Villa, a former Roman nympheum near Naples where just beyond the landings, terraces, and reservoirs there is a natural swimming pool accessible by the sea through a natural archway. For bali marine research center we imagine a 500m long ring shape building that links the beach to the sea. The result is a concave space, an urban square in the water. As far as concern program repartition and spatial organization, there is a clear division into public and staff area and paths. They can meet each other only in the aquatic courtyard. In this space the water’s level is under control; it reproduces a quiet and repaired landscape where is possible to observe or interact with marine’s ecosystem. The arch cut in the elevation allows the tsunami’s pressure find its way avoiding the overload of the side hit by the wave.




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