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Ethnografic museum in Budapest, Hungary


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location: Budapest, Hungary

year: 2014
status: Competition Budapest Liget

client: Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and Városliget Zrt.
program: Exhibtion halls, lobby, offices, learning, BOH

GFA: 18,700 m2

budget: n/a

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni





The strong attribute of linearity of project site has been emphasized by the elusive fa├žade of the new Museum of Ethnography. On a building plot 160m long and 40m wide, the required program has been stacked in layers. The ground floor is totally permeable and open to the public, so that the building works like a threshold between the city and the Park. Quoting the act of research, collecting and studying, the architectural gesture proposes programmatic sediments and deposits of experience, contents, users as layering the collection of the museum. To the solidity of the exhibition space are alternated transparent levels that host the offices and resting areas and support functions. The exhibition halls are column-free wide spaces flexible to host big size artefacts or different exhibition-layouts. The discovering journey will bring the visitors from the street level to the terrace to enjoy the view of the Park.





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