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Social housing in Rome, Italy

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location: Rome, Italy

year: 2010
status: Research project

client: /
program: Social housing

GFA: / m2

budget: n/a

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni



Architecture / Nicole Passarella


Urban expansion has already taken place. The unbuilt areas, the greenfields, should be considered as scarce resource to protect and enhance. We must invent new types of settlements on mutable, urbanized lands, on areas recyclable into new functions in the medium or long term. It is a rediscovery of the “next-door fund”, unused areas, considered under a new point of view, spaces of possibilities. Now used for purposes which may become obsolete or bound by rules that prevent the urbanization are parking lots, road edges, unused private spaces, barracks, slaughterhouses, the ex-market halls, spaces that relate to almost 50 % agglomeration current , transformation territories that need to be densified. In the Historical Centre growing value of the property under market forces fueled the image of central government in Rome, Eternal City and the university. The cost of the house increases and the lower classes are forced to move in the new urban conglomerations in the periphery, the service centers declined, like the social diversity and the attentions of its inhabitants. The city dies





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