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Setouchi Triennale 2019


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location: Setouchi, Japan

year: 2018
status: Call for art proposals

client: Setouchi Triennale
program: Art pavilion

GFA: n/a

budget: 1,900,000 JPY

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni



Architecture / Nanako Ishizuka


The “Butterfly” pavilion is a self-standing and open-air temporary structure of about 50sqm, 5-meter high.

We imagined a dynamic cluster of brightly coloured thin elements that delimits a lyric shape floating on the natural ground. The architectural and spatial topics we address are the creation of an environment, the sense of transformation, the notion of ambiguous boundaries, the smallness and the a-centricity.

The pavilion consists of 80 ropes attached on one side to a central “T” structure and on the other side linked to the ground. Through a screw system in the central pole the beam could be rotated, moved up or down. The ropes will consequently follow the movement generating different shape configurations. The transformation will affect the image of the pavilion from the outside but will also define a catalogue of spacial experiences different in scale and proportion.

The ever-changing generated sections will then define a new boundary in plan and dislocate the centre of the room. Setouchi Triennale organization, as well as visitors, could interact with the pavilion, playing with the pole and activating the transformation. Given the porosity of the pavilion skin, permeable to weather changes, the seasons will also substantially affect the use of the space.

We imagined the pavilion to lie down on the hill of Setouchi Triennale island(s), surrounded by the nature between the sea and the mountains. Not being far from the main centre it will be easily accessible by the public.
Its privileged location will make of the pavilion a belvedere, offering the view over the harbour and the city centre, acting as light-house in ancient time.


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