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Private house in Bologna, Italy


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location: Bologna, Italy

year: 2014
status: Competition 2014 Meno di 31

client: Isabella Seragnoli, Casabella
program: Housing

GFA: 80 m2

budget: 200,000 euro

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni





In the project for a little private house in the garden of the XVIII century villa Belpoggio-Baciocchi in Bologna the architecture doesn’t explicitly states its program. The new building appears sculptural and however changeable. The east elevation is massive and it doesn’t interfere with the daily uses of the villa and its monumental facade. The living spaces face the south-west, with large windows overlooking the woods and the hills. A new mineral landscape overlaps with the natural surroundings. The architecture “mocks” the hill with a tilted surface, repeatedly folded to define a continuous and surprisingly domestic space. The living room will be located in the noble floor while the bedrooms and the service rooms will be in the basement. The garden is a place of discovery as much as the 80sqm pavilion divided into a succession of forms and moments.




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