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Architecture and photography museum in Budapest, Hungary


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location: Budapest, Hungary

year: 2014
status: Competition Budapest Liget

client: Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and Városliget Zrt.
program: Exhibtion halls, lobby, offices, learning, BOH

GFA: 7,320 m2 + 7,960 m2

budget: n/a

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni





The project aims to create a strong relationship between the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the Museum of Photography. The two buildings, opposed on 1956 Memorial Square, work as a gate framing the new axis coming from Varolisget Fasor, cutting through the re-established Rondo and linking to the future House of Hungarian Music and the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum. In order to define a clear narrative between the two buildings, both are composed by a podium and a second volume floating above a gap level. At the the intermediate level the two museums learning spaces and their terraces are visually linked, defining define a clear narrative between the two buildings. At the top level the respective terraces accessible by the exhibition spaces are facing at 20m are facing, offering a great view over 1956 Memorial Square and on Varosliget.


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