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Auditorium and arts center in Martinsicuro, Itay

*4th prize

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location: Martisicuro, Italy

year: 2016
status: Competition

client: Comune di Martisicuro
program: uditorium, offices, lobby, exhibition rooms

GFA: 1,100 m2

budget: 2,500,000 euro

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni





Centered on the themes of leisure, art and entertainment, MAP “Martinsicuro Arts and Performances” is a multifunctional community center. The intervention will have the strength to renovate and redevelop a central area of the city and to offer services and new opportunities to the citizenship. Starting with an ambitious programmatic mix, able to meet the requirements of the brief but also to trigger positive relationships between spaces and functions, the result is a building with a simple morphology, but lively and stimulating in the uses and management methods. MAP is a multi-purpose center where arts, entertainment, recreation, leisure and shared programs relate, compare and hybridize in a unified external image but articulated in the paths and functions . The building stands as a showcase of the city and for the city. A building designed to run on 24/7, which will have the merit and the burden to repopulate Piazza Cavour and make it safe especially in the evening





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