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Kindergarten in Milan, Italy

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location: Milan, Italy

year: 2014
status: Competition Padiglione Infanzia

client: Comune di Milano
program: Kindergarten

GFA: 500 m2

budget: n/a

team: Lucia Zamponi, Filippo Nanni





The project is a leisure center for children with disabilities located in a an heterogeneous district in a central area of Milan. The plot site is surrounded by buildings varying in size and function that generate a strong shading. To protect itself the pavilion turns inward. A boundary circumscribe the plot on the four sides, inside a weave of walls draws a garden made of secret rooms. In this protected area, introverted and horizontal for every each space required by the program there is an “alter ego” outside, accessible and visible. The building and its outdoor spaces are configured as a place to explore, safely closed but completely livable on the inside. A place to stimulate new relationships between spaces and activities. Above this wall net a volume floats.





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